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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  July 24, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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death. a fighter pilot's amazing save of his own life. it puts citizens at a point where they have to say i have to protect myself, my family, my house. >> questions about safety in a bay area city after drastic cuts and changes to the police department and more cuts are on the way. saving the arts by getting on stage. alums at the south bay school
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are not just talking about budget cuts. they are abouting out dramale. technology keeps us connected but at what cost to our eyes? the news starts now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. cities and counties across the bay area are facing massive budget deficits. in valejo, they are cutting by half the number of patrol cars on the street. the move isn't expected to save that city much money but that city declared bankruptcy two years ago. kimberly terry is in valejo. >> reporter: police say they are making due with what they have, fewer patrol cars out and about and the lack of visibility has police and residents concerned. cutting the number of patrol
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units in half isn't expected to save the police department much money if any and response times are expected to increase. >> we find it safer to the officers as they encounter criminal activity. >> reporter: two officers instead of one will be assigned to each car. the police department has lost a third of its officers since the city went bankrupt in 2008. the department has 95 sworn officers, but that number continues to fall as officers retire and leave for other departments. according to residents as cuts continue to be made crime seems to be getting worse. this afternoon a running gun battle on spring road left two people shot and arrested. >> my nephew who is 22 years old has been having a battle with somebody. they frequently shot at each other. today they met up and had a
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shootout. >> reporter: thornton says the cuts to the police puts citizens at risk and at times in a position to protect themselves. >> they are closed on monday or tuesday. i have called the police when there was a crime being committed at my house. they told me if it hadn't happened in the last ten minutes you get online and file a report. >> reporter: the department's canine and s.w.a.t. program is being rescinded for 90 days in an evident to meet the city's budget. >> thank you, kimberly. a 7-year-old girl is in the hospital after a pit bull attacked her in oakland. the attack happened around 2:45 this afternoon. the dog bit her head but she is expected to survive. animal control took the dog away. the attack comes after the
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unneutered pit bull in concorde killed a 2-year-old boy the boy's stepfather is facing charges in his death. firefighters are cleaning up after a brushfire in vacaville. the six alarm fire burned 25 acres, six cars and several buildings before fire crews got it under control. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. the cause is under investigation. firefighters in san jose, meantime, left the bargaining table and took their case to the streets. san jose is trying to close a budget gap. most other unions have come to an agreement to make concessions and save some jobs. firefighters have yet to strike a deal. today they went door to door warning people response times will shoot up if firefighters are laid off. some are asking if police can agree to concessions, well, why
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can't the firefighters? >> we've made an identical proposal in that all the features incorporated in the police officers' proposal is in ours and ours has added value features. >> the city argues comparing police to firefighters is apples to oranges. san jose firefighters currently make an average of $180,000 a year. a sacramento boy is in the hospital tonight and his teenage brother is behind bars after a shooting. a 16-year-old boy was handling a loaded gun when it accidentally went off the boy's 12-year-old brother was hit in the upper chest and rushed to the hospital. the victim had just finished sixth grade. >> a good kid. he liked to play basketball, football. >> he is doing well. he is talking. >> the 16-year-old boy was booked into juvenile hall
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charged with discharging a firearm and gross negligence. in afghanistan a massive air and ground search is under way o navy membersho never returned to theirir compound in kal last night. they were spotted in a dangerous area two hours south of kabul yesterday. the two may have been killed or captured by members of the taliban. five u.s. troops were killed in separate bombings. july is on course to become the deadliest month for american troops in afghanistan since the war began nearly nine years ago. ♪ >> if you pay attention to the news these days you know that stories of budget deficits, layoffs and cutbacks are everywhere. this one is a little bit different. it has an entertaining side, you might say. garvin thomas is at san jose's
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lincoln high school where alums have come to the rescue of the school's theater arts program. >> reporter: diane, we won't get too deep into the particular budget problems facing this district and this school. you know the general school. not enough money for basics means the perceived extras like sports and the arts get the ax. alumni and boosters of lincoln high's theater arts program say that would be too pitiful an end for such a powerful program and something had to be done. this story reminds us a little bit of those old hollywood musicals, the ones where almost any problem could be solved by putting on a show. tonight at lincoln high school, the problem this show is solving is not having enough money for more shows. >> that's it. that's what that money is for. >> reporter: theater arts program manager, a program being threatened with severe cutbacks
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if some source of money isn't found and fast. >> i didn't think it was true at first that it could be real that this program of all programs could be on the chopping block. >> reporter: but hopefully not anymore. thanks to a dozen or so alumni in two soldout performances of the broadway musical "into the woods." the money raised today saves the jobs of the two directors. >> the performance this afternoon i was almost in tears. i'm really proud of them. it means a lot inside my heart to see these kids come back and care about their school so much and a program that meant so much to them. >> reporter: now would be a good time to mention these are not any alumni. lincoln was the district's performing arts magnet school at one time and continues to have a strong theater arts program. dozens have made careers on broadway, in hollywood, in music
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and in comedy. >> the professionalism, it prepares you for the real world unlike any other program i have seen. >> reporter: for $50 the audience got a chance to preserve the future of the program and be entertained by a little of its past. >> reporter: at $50 a ticket that adds up fast. the two performances today raised $20,000. not enough in and of itself to keep the program whole but the director said it is a very good start. many performers came from new york and l.a., they didn't have time to put this show together. one rehearsal yesterday. they said doing their best under less than ideal circumstances is what this program taught them how to do in the first place. >> that'sism pressive. >> a pilot ejects, check this
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out right there, seconds before that fiery crash. we'll show you what happened. the downside to getting info on the go. eyestrain. symptoms and solutions up next. superhero stars in a fight. a comic convention erupts in a fight. a gorgeous start to the weekend. the fog is back. thicker tomorrow. we had some 70s and 80s. we'll talk about the fog and hw it will affect the week ahead in a bit.
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recovering after just escaping this dramatic crash. the pilot was flying a fighter jet in a practice run for an air show. you can see him eject seconds before the plane crashes and bursts into flames. no one on the ground was hurt. there we go. there he ejects right now. it froze. investigators are looking into what caused the crash. the plane was zipping back and forth across the sky in several stunts before diving for the ground. the pilot survived with believe it or not a sore back and some scrapes. mobile devices are making life easier when it comes to getting information on the go. there could be a downside. gadget eyestrain. how tiny media could lead to big problems for your eyes. >> reporter: iphones, a blackberry, ipads.
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>> i use a small type. >> every 40 seconds. >> reporter: mobile devices in all shapes, colors and teeny tiny sizes. >> e-mails, texting. internet. everything that i can. >> i think i have a little addiction. >> reporter: which may be convenient but at what cost? >> i have patients every day complaining they can't see their blackberry or iphone or get a headache using it. >> reporter: this optometrist has seen a steady increase in patients with eye problems from mobile twices. >> computer vision syndrome is to a new level. >> reporter: affecting 70% of computer users, can cause headaches, loss of focus, blurred vision and burning eyes. mobile devices with make the problem worse because the screen is so small. this avid iphone users had his eyes dilated.
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>> i'm constantly reading. it feels like i'm going blind. >> reporter: not really. but remember to blink. >> blink more, take breaks. >> reporter: if only there was an app for that. comic book soup heroes use unusual weapons in the face of adversity. it seems some comic fans use them when they get into fights as well. police at san diego's comic convention arrested a man who allegedly assaulted another man with a pen. the two men got into an argument over sitting too close to each other waiting for a film preview. the suspect lashed out with his pen and cut the victim's eyelid. a landmark victory for gays and lesbians serving in the church is set for tomorrow. seven bay area pastors are added to the clergy roster after being
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barred from serving in the evangelical lutheran church. they will be added at st. mark's church. last year the organization lifted a policy requiring celibacy. churches can hire gay clergy in committed relationships. people who are looking to cool off can't go to almaden lake because of a potentially harmful algae bloom. the lake will be closed until the algae dissipates. park staff plan to monitor the water. you were talking about the triath on this through that lake. >> two weeks ago. the creek trail runs into that. >> we hope no one was injured or infected. in the meantime, nice day today, tomorrow and stuff is change
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something. >> yeah. cooling off again. >> it has been a weird summer. we had a wetter than average winter with the rainfall. the temperatures are cooler than average. it has been a cool month for us in may, june and now july. we are having 50s now. the fog is back. it is thick. about 2,000 feet deep with the wind out of the northwest seven to ten miles per hour. it is blowing in the inland valleys. you have a lot of that through the trivalley area. fairfield 25 miles per hour wind gusts. arinda, lafayette, you have strong winds coming through. we had lightning strikes along the sierra. there is a lot of moisture. the lightning strikes will be there again tomorrow. you have a lot of monsoon over the four corners, new mexico, arizona, utah and colorado. another reason we are getting the strong winds is there a spin to the west.
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notice the airflow from the south and southwest from that system right off here. this direction coming off. we've got the plume of moisture pulling up along the sierra. something to watch. this feature here is not moving anywhere. it is not, the fog is getting deeper and blowing in to inland. we continue to cool off next week. if you are waiting for warmer temperatures, it is not happening. tomorrow sunny, uv index up to about ten so remember the sunscreen. 67 for the high. 62 in san francisco. people running in the half marathon and marathon tomorrow. 77 for san jose to 77 in napa. look at those numbers. where are the 90s? >> where are they? >> discovery bay. >> seven-day forecast, cooler next week. a lot going on with the
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giants. the giants showing no signs of slowing down despite a scary moment that sent velez to the hospital. the latest on his condition. the a's busting out the th satt a e expense of the white sox. highlights next in sports. what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same.
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last night they took over the league in the national league wild card race. that is not where the giants' site sights are set. san francisco was still aiming for the division when they trailed the padres. 14 wins in their next 18 games is their goal. without madison bum gartner. on his way to a fourth win in a row. top five, he was getting some support from another rookie. buster posey smacking his second singling of the day, scoring torres. tied for the second longest hit streak for a rookie. juan uribe. bases loaded. grand slam. the giants win 10-4. their fourth road series win. >> during the fourth inning
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velez was in the dugout when he was struck by the left side of his head by a line drive. velez was attended to for several minutes. it was scary before he was taken out on a stretcher. no skull fracture and a ct scan was negative. he'll spend the night in the hospital. the biggest concern for the a's that could keep them out of the playoff race, a serious lack of power in the lineup. you wouldn't know that today. the white sox at the coliseum this afternoon. struck out five and aloued two runs in six innings. here is that power. flipping it back in care of suzuki. long ball to left. with that home run, the umps discuss, yes, it was. next batter, needs no debate. a's going back-to-back. cu wspith another homer in the eighth.
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a's roll 10-2. ben sheets isn't likely going anywhere except the disabled list with right elbow inflammation. he could be out the minimum 15 days or it could be season ending. >> jeremy lynn's life turned upside down after he went undrafted to a warriors' fan favorite? find out more on sports sunday. meanwhile, one of his new teammates in action. curry and the white team playing scrimmage with team usa. derek rose, the baseline pass to the warrior. curry hitting the three. 14 points in this game. he was not the player of the game. in the fourth quarter that could be kevin durant. he finishes with the nice jam. he got a trophy for being the
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player of a game. the white beats the blue team. >> i have to go back to jeremy. he visited my son's basketball camp and could not be nicer. >> good to hear. thanks a lot. up next, fund raisers for special olympics truly going the distance and the height. check it [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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here we go. >> careful there. in san francisco this weekend fund-raising taken to new heights. 38 stories to be exact. this is the over the edge event where adrenaline junkies rappel
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down the side of the grand hyatt hotel. more than 100 people pledged to go over the edge all for the special olympics and all made it safely. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. "saturday night live" is up next. good night.
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the following is an nbc special event, the presidential state of the union address. >> madam speaker --


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